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Hand Knit Buff

Hand knit 100% acrylic buff lined with t-shirt material

I used Patons Canadiana ( two 100 g balls), measures 17.5 inches long and 21 inches around.

I used 4.5mm circular needle, cast on 90 stitches, join

knit unit the buff measures about 18 inches, or desired length

loosely cast off

cut t-shirt fabric 2 to 4 inches longer than knitted buff

make sure the stretch of the fabric is 21 1/2 inches wide and fits nicely into the knitted buff

serge the t-shirt material making it 21 inches around

also serge the ends – to finish

insert the t-shirt buff into the knitted buff with the seam facing the knitted buff

make sure it fits nicely and lies flat

bring the end of the t-shirt fabric over the knitted buff and sew (z-zag) it onto the knitted buff making sure the knitted buff remains flat

do the remaining end making sure that the t-shirt material fits nicely onto the knitted buff